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Girlfriends Happy Hour

We're three longtime friends drinking cocktails while chatting about our favorite movies, tv shows, true crime and paranormal events, and any other happy hour topic that pops up! Come on in and join us, we saved a seat at the bar for you!

Nov 6, 2017

This week the Girlfriends are talking Urban Legends! They start ​​with stories of tainted Halloween candy and the horrific true crime tale of The Man who Killed Halloween, aka The Candyman, from Pasadena, Texas. Next stop is Westfield, New Jersey and the creepy saga of The Watcher house. Then it's back home for the legend of the Michigan Dogman, a cryptozoological (yeah, you try pronouncing that!) creature allegedly roaming the forests in northern Michigan.
Cocktail of the Day:
Pixie Stick
1 1/2oz Gin or Vodka (your choice)
1 1/2oz Midori
Mix in a shaker, pour into a sugar rim martini glass and top off with Sprite or 7-Up.