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Girlfriends Happy Hour

We're three longtime friends drinking cocktails while chatting about our favorite movies, tv shows, true crime and paranormal events, and any other happy hour topic that pops up! Come on in and join us, we saved a seat at the bar for you!

Oct 25, 2018

This week our frequent guest, Karyn, joins Monica and Melanie in the Podcast Lounge to chat about our recent trip to the theater to watch A Star is Born, we also play a game and the competition is on! Come on in and join us for some hilarious happy hour banter, we saved a seat at the bar for you!

Cocktail of the day:

Razz-Ma-Tazzy-Jazzy Cooler: fresh raspberries muddled in a tall cooler glass with fresh squeezed lime and a splash of concentrated cranberry juice, fill with ice and club soda - add raspberry vodka if you are not teaching dance or working out after.