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Girlfriends Happy Hour

We're three longtime friends drinking cocktails while chatting about our favorite movies, tv shows, true crime and paranormal events, and any other happy hour topic that pops up! Come on in and join us, we saved a seat at the bar for you!

Sep 14, 2017

In the premiere episode the Girlfriends celebrate with champagne and Monica schools Melanie on proper mic technique (which they definitely did not edit out!). There's plenty of hot 'n spicy cocktail and pickle talk, a stupid robber story (who the hell is Mayor McCheese anyway?), and discussion about the movies Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Mother! and Mama (bless their hearts).

Cocktail of the day: Champagne - Korbel Brut

Fun fact: Extra Dry champagne is, in fact, sweeter than Brut due to its higher sugar content.